Top 10 Best Dreamcast Games on Android | Reicast Emulator

Turn your Android into a Dreamcast console with these 10 awesome Sega Dreamcast games, drop a like!

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Reicast emulator:

How to set up Reicast Dreamcast Emulator on Android:

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Zookeepers & Heuse - Mercury


Hreez - The Way Out

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33 комментариев
Jozanne Hunter24
You forgot soul calibur ✌
Syed Shahzad
Are you sure that these can run using Riecast Emulator? I tried but game does not open though I have followed all the steps to setup Riecast, control configuration, bios and game folder location.
mario garduño
the best emuator for ANDROID , but dead or alive 2 doesn work, any alse ?? and street fither 3 2dn impcat too
Good info but man that music got to go.
TechRomancer 83
Jet set radio anybody?
Awesome. Video I found myself playing Sonic adventure 2 today and Marvel VS Capcom 2.
Conetfun Gaming
Games Link Bro
Rose Blanche
Excellent vidéo and work
Генрих Гимлер
Demolition racer no exit????
1:48 Guts' wrist isn't looking too good...
gobpblu eex
Skies of Arcadia ?!
Gilang Ramadhan
nice vidio and games good
Rose Blanche
Great vidéo man😘😘😘👍👍👍👍
3rd comment
RainbowWarrior 1998
reicast got deleted😢😭
Rose Blanche
I love it
Bill Blass
does Reicast support multi-disc games? Playing Grandia 2 now and would hate to get all far only to not be able to switch to disc 2
Ma X
I love it
green bass
No option for fullscreen mode
Why does KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS NIGHTMARE CHILD doesn't work in Reicast emulator ? Any solutions
Abel Alvarez
Lowkey i like this,how well does it run the games and how many games are compatible with this?
gamerx by kabil
Did he forgot prince of Persia Arabian nights